Thursday, April 23, 2009

check list

Carrie's A.M. Check off list:
Try to take quick shower before Parker wakes up. Check.
Finish last minute packing for Memphis. Check.
Freshen bathrooms, fold remaining laundry, wash dishes & unload dishwasher. Check.
Get Parker dressed, fed & ready to go to airport. Check.
Keep Parker happy until time to walk out door while I try & finish up my last minute details. Until the last 45 minutes...check.
Forget that the travel car seat cover is down in the storage room on the complete opposite end of the apt building. Check. Go get it. Check.
Have a slight minor breakdown over not being able to get the new travel car seat to stay up to get it to the car. Check.
Make 3 trips down to the car with only a weekend's worth of luggage & one "it's time to go...I'm getting tired of no one paying attention to me" baby. Check.
Miss 6 phone calls from Clay wondering where we are. Check.
Leave for the airport 45 minutes late feeling a little frazzled. Check.

Meet Clay at airport & get on first attempted flight. Check.
Arrive safely in Memphis. Check.
Eat at Chick-fil-a. Check.
Visit with friends Ashley & Jason. Check.

Parker's Check list:
Wake up in a super cute & happy mood. Check.
Have my morning poop. Check.
Walk to the coat closet to try & get my stroller out to let mama know it's time to go. Check.
Be patient as mama run's around in a tizzy for the last 45 min of being at home...well, we could have worked on that one a little bit!
Waved at everyone at the airport. Check.
Eat part of Daddy's McD' sausage biscuit. Check.
Play on airplane. Check. Sleep on airplane. Check.

Play with Samson the kitty. Check.
Make mama & daddy so proud by being so good in the car with friends. Check.
Play in mud, dirt & garden. Check.
Burp & throw up enough milk out of the blue in the local pizza restaurant to make 1 customer leave & several people almost turn away at the entrance. Check. (he's ok...I promise...)
Go to bed like a pro on my pallet. Check.

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