Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Favorite daytime dining & Easter basket answers

It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day here today! I am so thankful for the warmer weather that we have had this week; I wore my cute new blue jean capris for the first time yesterday! Yea for sunny days!!!

Over Easter weekend, we were able to visit one of my favorite places in Minnesota...Patrick's Bakery & Cafe located in Edina. Randomly, I was taken there the first year we moved here by a contact I made in the mall...anyway, that part isn't important. The point of this is how AMAZING their food is!!! I would rate the atmosphere, food & pricing all a 10+! Girlfriends lunch date? Take them to Patrick's! I immediately fell in love with their Tomato Mozarella Sandwich & their exquisite display of cakes & pastries.
(The story of how Patrick's came to be is really neat too; it makes it even more unique when restaurants have a personal story line behind them!)

I have exhausted Clay in talking about how badly I wanted to eat there lately, so I was as giddie as a school girl in August buying new school supplies when he agreed to take us there this weekend! I think Parker liked it too...

I almost forgot; a couple of people asked me what I put in Parker's Easter basket this year so I wanted to answer this question before I forgot.

The basket & liner came from Pottery Barn Kids (we bought it for him this year...we kinda skipped the Easter basket thing last year since he was newborn).

-Pacifier Pod from Kalencom (keeps the paci's clean & in an easily accessible place!)
-Chocolate & white baby changing pad by Pickles (the best part about this is that it is washable!!!)
-Blue & Chocolate bottle holder/cooler from Trend Lab
-a paci holder by Bella Tunno
All of those last 4 things I found in this Mississippi boutique.

-a Speedo swim set & swim shoes from Target
-toy boat for the bath also from Target

-Bunny's Noisy Book by Margaret Wise Brown

-Tub Turtle that swims from Pottery Barn Kids

You'll notice that although he had a filled basket, Clay & I didn't really include that many toys. I felt bad about it at first, but then I realized that our family spoils him with cute & fun toys that he loves! So, I quit feeling guilty & got over it! It's a HUGE help to us that our family is so giving with toys, clothes & other little things that Parker needs. It really makes things a lot easier on Clay & me when it comes to gift giving time!

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