Wednesday, April 22, 2009

prayers for Stellan

I don't personally know this family...I have read about Stellan through several other "blogger friends'" sites & my heart goes out to this family. Normally, I wouldn't put things like this up necessarily, but if I was his mother I would hope that others would spread the word as well and pray intensely for my son. What an amazing family & story they have to share.

Every time I read the updates I cry, I pray, I give thanks to sad it is for anyone (especially one as tiny as Stellan) to have to go through this. I am so very thankful that Parker is healthy & living the life he is. I never understand why any families have to go through this; I can't imagine as a mother having to endure this....

I may not understand life's ups & downs, but here is what I do know:
I know that God IS Love & does Love
I know that God is faithful
I know that God gives & that God takes away
I know that prayer matters even when we may not always get the answers that we want
I also know that our God is a big & mighty God & He knows the ultimate plan for each of our lives... knowing all of that puts my heart at rest when I read stories like this.

Lately, I have been holding Parker a lot tighter. The other day during the afternoon I rocked him for a few minutes before he fell asleep (which I hardly ever do anymore to keep him going down so well!)...I couldn't put him down. All I wanted to do was stare at that soft, gentle face & smell his sweet baby breath. Those forever long lashes...His little hand grasping on to my shirt...I wouldn't have moved for a million dollars. That moment was so special & I am so thankful for moments like those. I have been cherishing every day with my family & thanking God for the blessings He has given us.

Please pray for little Stellan & his family with me.

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