Friday, July 31, 2009

bella & parker

What: Playtime at Applefest at Kelley Park in Apple Valley (which just happens to be the park that we play at all the time that is right beside our apt complex)
Who: Bella & Parker
When: Friday, July 31 6-7pm

"Just give us juice & goldfish & we're good to go!"

These two went up & down the slides together so many times that I lost count!

The instrumental band that was playing, the warm weather & cool breezes, & the Culvers ice cream stand attracted a lot of oncomers. I think the party was just getting started as we were leaving!! There were lines of cars filing in as we were heading home! these two...
...laughed & played so hard together... books together...
...even watched a little tv together...(I think it was a commercial that had dogs in it!)

Bella, let's play again soon please!


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