Wednesday, July 29, 2009

laughter & cherries, evening playtimes & more!

What do pizza, a little wine, good friends & great conversation usually mean?!
Girls Night In!!!
Last night, I was so excited to join Kelley, April, & Cathy for a fun Girls Night at Cathy's place. We haven't all gotten together since spring 2008...sad, I know...but we seem to all live quite the busy lifestyle through work & our families! :) Though it had been awhile, we had 4 great hours of catch up time, a lot of laughs, & for dessert sweet cherries & wine! Yum!
Remember girls, we promised each other it wouldn't be so long before the next time!
(It's a fun story how we all met...I'll have to share sometime!)
And guys, if you ask us really sweetly, we might let you tag along for the fun on our next get together! :)
Tonight, Parker & I joined Michelle & Bella in Burnsville for Wednesday in the Park fun! The kids really enjoyed some end of the day playtime while the moms relaxed (well, when we weren't chasing the kids, that is :)) to some easy listening from Paula Lammers & Cloud Nine

Enjoying the easy music & the gentle breezes...

So cute watching the two of them playing together & enjoying the night out!

Bella & Parker were having so much fun dancing, picking up sticks & walking up to random people to excitedly hand them their treasure find (aka the branches) :), walking up & down & up & down the hill, & playing in the grass!

Our little place on the hill...
yep, that would be Parker playing with one of the many sticks that he found!! By the time the night was through (ahem, we were there for an hour), we had collected enough branches to build a small raft for our next outing at the lakes!!! Watch out Huck Finn, this kid could probably build a raft by accident faster than you could spit out a fib!

Kisses to you!
Love my little man!

A view from the top...everyone was sitting on the slope of this hill in lawn chairs, on blankets, & at tables to listen to the jazz style band that was playing tonight.

P.S. On the "chasing the kids" note, after I ran to grab Parker 3 times when he made his way down the hill, behind the staging area, beside the parking lot & around the other side of the hill, Michelle asked me why I even bother going to the gym when I have him to keep me busy & in shape. I laughed & told her that I work out to keep up with him! It's amazing how even after 5-6 days of intense, high aerobic & strength classes, my 18 month old can still run around a playgym faster than me! Go figure. ;)

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