Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a week of memories

Trips to the Mall of America...Mani's & Pedi's at the spa for the girls...Niagara Caves...the quaint town of Harmony...passing the beautiful countryside...all the luggage (& this was just for 3 of them!!! :)...the car rides when we were ALL together (what a hoot those were!)...the way that Aunt Ash & Aunt KK could sneak Parker those last bites of food in at every meal (way to go girls!)...our cookout at the Ainsley's house...listening to Kaylee & Ashleigh goofing off singing & laughing in the backseat of the car on the way to Harmony...our "July 4th" cookout at the apt...chicken & rice...Parker getting into Aunt KK's makeup every morning (I still don't think his daddy knows about this! :))...the calls to Lacey in Waco (we missed you so much!)...movie night to see the new Harry Potter movie (I'm really behind on these; I might be hooked now though!)...new curtains for Parker's room...Parker sleeping like a konked out freight train in Poppie's lap...Ashleigh's incredibly natural "motherly" instinct (any child within a 2 mile radius is just drawn to her!)...Nana's yummy cooking...Kaylee cracking us all up with her "lack of cell phone usage" on the drive to Harmony & her thoughts during the week on life in general (she always gets me rolling with her matter of fact thoughts & words...I love it!)...those delicious homemade pies at The Village Square of Harmony...Parker talking up a storm while everyone was here & living up the fact that he was the constant center of attention!...the unending sweetness & love that Poppie, Nana, Ashleigh & Kaylee showed us the whole time they were here (and Lacey, we could even feel yours from Waco!)

These are the things that I will remember most about our visit from PNA&K this summer! Thank you for coming to see us up North!! We had so much fun during the week y'all were here; please come play again soon! :) We love y'all & miss you already!

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