Sunday, July 26, 2009

cookout+volleyball+fireworks+FOOD+friends= Good Times!

Last night, we went over to Jami & Tom's for a cookout & just some good 'ole summer fun! Jami did a great job of planning...delicious food & drinks, a volleyball game down at the court, visiting time & dessert inside the house & then the firework show (courtesy of Leprechaun Days at Rosemount!) :)

It was fun meeting new friends, enjoying the incredible weather, sharing good food & watching the kids play together! I only wish I had gotten some better pictures!!! Here are a few random ones from the evening...something you can't see from the pics...Greta & Parker playing together most of the evening. After the volleyball game, we were getting ready to head back up towards the house. Parker decides to take out towards the playground instead; Greta starts to follow close behind. It was so cute watching Parker stop for a quick second to turn around & check to make sure Greta was still behind him. He did that like 6 times! We were cracking up watching it!!!

Yummy food! (I brought my fruit pizza!) :)

Lynnette & McKenzie - After like 5 pics of McKenzie, I finally got one that wasn't too blurry; she was in between her dance moves in this one!

Kim, Lucas, Kim & Jami watching the volleyball game! (Parker & Greta have close-up seats on the outside of the court!)

Just happened to catch this shot of Clay jumping up to hit the ball!
P.S. All the guys were really going out during this game; afterwards, they were all talking about how sore they were going to be the next day...hey! it's all about the game though, right?!

Parker was into everything outside...especially getting Greta to tag along & try & "help" their daddy's on the volleyball court!

Doesn't Greta have killer eyes?! I keep telling Jami they're going to have problems when she gets a little older!! "Watch out boys! Here I come!" :)
Thanks for the fun time Jami, Tom & Greta! Same time & place next year?! :)

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