Thursday, July 23, 2009

Marketfest fun

I have to toot some horns for my hubby! He just got back from a trip that put him over 1000 hours of captain flying might not make a lot of sense to anyone, but it's really good for him! And I am sooo proud of him for working so hard to make that happen! I love you, baby! :)

So to celebrate, I wanted us to do something fun for the day. After lots of research in the late hours this week (late hrs meaning 10:30pm for me! ha!) I decided on a MN State Park...I changed my mind this morning & decided we were going to White Bear Lake for the afternoon & early evening. I wanted to visit a park there & pop in for their annual Marketfest! So first, we stopped at Lakewood Hills Park to let Clay...oops, I mean on the playground.

I have to say that we really are blessed to have an amazing playground area right outside our apt complex in Apple Valley. Though I wasn't impressed with the playground area here, the park itself had gorgeous picnic areas & rolling hills with great walking trails!
My silly husband trying out some of the kiddie playground equipment at the park! He was impressed with this little contraption that spun you around and around and around...
"Look Ma Ma & Da Da! There's an airplane!"

Parker helping Clay push his stroller through Marketfest

Where we ate dinner downtown...The Washington Square had a fun come & go atmosphere as well as good food! We enjoyed watching the vendors setting up & seeing the people walking by from our table...we had a great view of the bustling downtown area!

People were lined up on these walls to relax & enjoy the band playing nearby...I thought it was cute!


lots of people enjoying the games, vendors, bands & food

Every Thursday night during Marketfest, they have a different band come out & play! The whole time we were walking through the crowds, Parker was dancing to the cute!

One of Clay's favorite parts of the evening...looking at the antique car show!!! Parker wanted to take a ride in this 1960 something Cobra...I wonder why?! ;)

...glad we ventured out to a new area to enjoy a special annual tradition of the community! Another fun day comes to a close...

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