Saturday, July 18, 2009

"too-cold-to-be-summer" days

What do you do on an overcast, "too-cold-to-be-summer" day? Well, we only had a couple of hours to work with, so we stayed close to home & did some warm, simple things. First, it was a Chai Tea Latte (Carrie), Mocha Latte (Clay), & Orange Juice (P-man) at Caribou. We started inside by the fireplace then worked our way outside when Parker started to run around the place! :)

Then it was a trip to the bookstore to discover many new adventures and characters. I was sooo excited to sit Parker in my lap & read some new books to him; he had other things in mind today. He wanted to sort the books on the shelves, wander & play with the Thomas the Train train set. So, after about a half an hour, we gave up on storytime, Clay took Parker to play with the train set (which made Parker so happy!) while I found some fabulous future books for Parker's library!

Parker loves to wear daddy's shoes! "Let's go play! I'm ready!"

Parker got a boo-boo today while playing at Lifetime. He tripped and landed on the book that he was holding. It pushed his nose up & cut it a little bit; Clay took him to get a happy meal & play at the McDonald's playground as a treat. It seemed to do the trick!

The Nolen's flew out early this morning, so we are missing them already! We enjoyed such a fun week with them! Watch for more pictures from our week together soon! :)

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