Thursday, July 9, 2009

let's go hiking some day today... :)

Ok, so I said that I would let ya'll know how we liked our new backpack's a 10! We have now traveled with it to Mexico & on a short hiking excursion here in MN & loved it both times! Comfy for person carrying & of course for Parker! The sun shade is awesome for hot days like we had on both trips; it makes a world of difference for the baby! There are convenient storage pockets underneath as well as on the sides of the carrier...there are even places to put your bottled water! This is definitely a smart investment & one that will last us (hopefully) for many years!

Now, whenever Parker sees it, he starts trying to climb in it...guess I'll have to plan more hiking adventures! :)
We had such a fun day today! Parker got to play on the new Treehouse at Kindercare today. When I went to pick him up, he smiled & waved bye bye to me. :) He was apparantly not ready to go. The kids played outside most of today, & then Parker had a double dose of playtime with other kids (Lifetime & Kindercare) so he crashed when he got in the bed tonight from all the excitement. Nothing like a good hard day of play!!! So fun to watch him!!!

I was on a kick around the house; managed to get through my whole "to do" list for today in record time. Is it ok to pat myself on the back for that one? I was so excited to be able to do some more cleaning & organizing though...loved every second of it! ...Taylor Swift playing on the cd player, comfy clothes, & a "ready-to-run-a-marathon" feeling while I really can't get much better than that!!

We're looking forward to company arriving tomorrow! Who will it be?! Just wait & see... :)

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