Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fire in the Hole!!! ...& other excitement

Ok, so tonight I did something that I promised myself I would never do as a mother.

Let me tell you the story.

Aunt "Ashes" is in town visiting. Yea!!! So, Parker has been having a blast doing all the fun things that he can possibly think of while I have enjoyed not only watching the two of them play together, but also loved the fact that I can get some things marked off my to do list while Parker is happily playing with his auntie.
Today while Parker was being rocked to sleep for his nap, I decided to tackle our 2 drawer filing cabinet (which we do around tax time every makes me so happy to shred & throw out more papers each year!)
Anyway, what I didn't get done during nap time I decided I would do later in the day.
We had a fabulous time after P's naptime at the Mall of America for Legoland & a couple of quick stops in shops.
One of Parker's favorite spots was standing with his daddy at the log ride & watching the people on the ride squeal as they went down the giant water hill, while sending up a big splash of water!

Then we came home for beans & rice...yummy.
Ash volunteered to bathe Parker while I finished up my filing cabinet project.

Clay had some business things to take care of as well, so we were all tied up with our own little projects.
While Parker was in the bathtub, I decided to sneak a bunch of his Nunu's (aka paci's) & sterilize you know where I'm going with this?
Oh yes, I was on a roll getting my filing done, shredding, talking on the phone to Pinnacle for my husband (have I mentioned that Clay currently has no voice?) & other fun things when I hear Parker (after his bath was over) holler from the bathroom, "Mommy, I want Nunu!!!" --as he does every night immediately after I pull him out of the bathwater.
A choice word was inserted at this point as I took off sprinting for the kitchen to analyze the damage. (My nose is so stopped up from allergies I couldn't smell a skunk if it sprayed my in the face at this point!)
Smoke...ALL in the kitchen.
(another choice word)
Clay came running in at that point to open the doors, windows & fan the room so our alarm wouldn't set off the entire apt complex. I went running outside onto the balcony with the smoking pan in hand. Parker is still calling for his Nunu at this point. We came to the conclusion that in less than 1 minute the Nunu's (& possibly other things) would have been up in flames. Sadly, all I could think about (after it was given to be a controlled situation) was how 5 pacifiers ($10+) were down the toilet. The pan was not salvageable either. Clay jokingly said it was time for All-Clad anyway..ha! We'll be making a trip to Target tomorrow.
I did remember a few "lost" nunu's underneath our bed that I had purposefully not yet retrieved, so Ashee & Parker went on a hunt for the Nunu's.

Yes, it was an adventure to say the least. Next time, before I commit myself to being "supermom" & thinking that I can & will remember everything, I will remind myself that I CAN'T & set the blasted timer on the stove!!!

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Casey said...

That should of been your cue to just be done with pacis :)
I can't believe they all melted. Kinda funny!!!