Wednesday, March 24, 2010

we're moving!!! ...down the road that is...

Clay & I are so excited; we have given our notice! At the end of next month, we will be moving to a house out in Eagan (about 9 mi from Apple Valley).

Parker will have a backyard to play in this summer! I am already planning suppers out on the deck...I dreamt that one warm, sunny day this summer I was outstretched on the deck sipping crystal light lemonade & enjoying scrumptious chocolate covered strawberries. ha! I will be found indulging in this shortly after we get moved in...possibly before! :)

Since moving to MN in the winter of 2006, Clay & I have lived in the same apartment complex (switched apts, but stayed in the same building). It worked for us. I didn't mind not getting up at 4:30 in the morning to plow snow out of a driveway in the frigid winters on those many days that Clay wasn't in town. Our space was plenty for our little family. Cozy, comforting & enjoyable were how we described our apartment. Although we still like our apartment, space is more limited & well, it's just time to move on.

An opportunity to talk about moving came up a couple of months ago with some friends of ours, who recently moved away & decided to rent their home. (Thank you Tressa & Kyle!!) It's a beautiful house with a great yard & in a kid-friendly neighborhood. We couldn't pass this home up! The timing has worked out really well (almost anyway)... just in time for our lease to be up here, the current tenant of this home will be moving out.

Knowing that it was a done deal several weeks ago, I started collecting boxes & packing unneeded items. If we aren't smart with our time, this could turn out to be a huge stress factor, which I really don't want right now! We aren't sure of the exact move-in date, & probably won't for awhile, but at least we have an idea so we can work towards that. The day that we are supposed to officially be moving out & into our new place is April 30 & May 1. On May 1, I am in a wedding down in MS...this should be interesting. You can start praying for me now! Anyway, we are hoping that given the situation, this can be a gradual thing to take some of the stress load off. Hey, at least I can guarantee that our apartment will be packed up & ready to go by mid-April! :)

So, each weekday I have a goal to pack at least 2 boxes...weekends we'll tackle more stuff. So far, we've got about 14 boxes packed & ready to go in our storage room!
This last picture was taken last night around 9:30pm. Clay & I had on The Good Wife & were wrapping our glasses & a set of our dishes. I'm sure there will be many more nights just like this one in the near future...

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Marsha Goodwin said...

So very happy for you all..Sounds like a wonderful neighborhood...Send pix when you can...Love you