Friday, March 26, 2010

our afternoon of play at home & "About Parker at two"

Parker & I played hard today...

Since it was a bit too cold to get outside, we spent the whole afternoon around the apartment. It ended up being a fun day with a serious mission to play with each & every toy that this little tot owned! Except for the Fisher Price Airport & his small set of colorful blocks, we accomplished just that!

We also managed to read 14 books, watch a short Fisher Price Little People DVD, play with playdough & get a little cleaning done (at the end of our day that is...). While I was dusting the living room, he even managed to convince me to let him run & play on the balcony for a few minutes. That boy would still be begging to play outside if it was 2 degrees...that definitely comes from his daddy's side! ha ha!

Warning: Do not read if you are short on time or could care less about random two year old facts or am anal about grammatical errors. I need to do a quick update so I don't forget this before I have time to scrap it!

Random facts about Parker at 2 years & 3 months: He recognizes & says the letters "P", "B" & "E." Loves trains, planes, cars, trucks & balls...that hasn't changed since he was an infant! Is still eating anything you put in front of him...we haven't found a food yet he won't eat. Has a strong, independent personality like his mama & daddy (imagine that!). LOVES anything to do with outdoors. Is currently outgrowing all 2T clothes & moving into 3T (Clay & I are going to have to do some shopping in the next couple of weeks!) He is already wearing 3T shirts for the length. Is in a size 8 tennis shoe. Wearing size 4 diaper...soon to be potty trained hopefully! Loves being rocked to sleep in the afternoon by mommy or daddy...he actually smiles & makes this joyful glee sound when we nestle him in our arms! Sleeps with his blue blanket & Mickey every night in his crib. Is up & ready to go between 6:15-7am every morning (I get really excited on those 7:00 mornings!!) Goes to sleep between 8-8:45pm. Enjoys reading books during rest times. Extremely active. Does the hand motions for Itsy Bitsy Spider & Deep & Wide. Asks to sing "LMnP" (aka "the ABC's) when we're driving in the car. Goes to Tornado Toddlers at Lifetime every Tuesday morning. Is good at sharing with others (most of the time :)) Has the philosophy: "the more the merrier!" He loves having people around him! Likes to watch mama & daddy cook. And likes it even more when he gets to help in the kitchen! Does great at restaurants. Pretty easy going & happy. A jokester like his daddy. Can pitch a tantrum like no other (we might only get a couple of real "is this seriously my child?" tantrums a month, but when they come...oh boy, do they come! ...his mama never did that when she was young... :)) Is into talking a lot more that he was 6 months ago! Since December/January his vocabulary has really started excelling...we saw a jump in the early fall but for the most part it has really taken off since this winter (for a long time he was a lot more into taking it all in than talking about it.)

Says his name..funny story...we hadn't really tried to get him to say it & the other night (March 22 or 23) I decided it was time he did. So, after bathtime I was drying him off & he was asking for NuNu. I told him he could have it during storytime unless he wanted to tell me his name & I would get it for him then (starting bribery at an early age...don't judge me :)) After asking him," What is your name?" he smiled & replied, "Pahker." I was so excited I had him tell it to Clay too. He then got his paci. There is no telling how long that little stinker could have been saying that.

Still asks for his NuNu's a lot but for the last several weeks has only been using them when he's upset or for sleepytime. It doesn't take much to get his mind off of them these days! Yea!

Uses his left hand to hammer things, pick things up...seems to use this one predominately. Holds his fork in his right hand & uses his left hand to pick his food up (when he's not using utensils.) We think that him watching mama & daddy eat with their right hand has confused him a little! Throws balls mostly with his right. What will he be? A lefty or a righty? Family history: His Nana (Clay's mom) & Uncle Taylor are both left lefties. His Rassie (my mom) was left handed as a child but her teacher made her switch to her right hand...otherwise she would still be a lefty.

Is really good at picking up his toys. I think he likes order (whew, I hope that stays with him!) in the house like his mama & daddy. Loves when I pull out the vacuum. Wants to go for rides in Troublemaker with his daddy whenever he can. Likes lemons & black olives (a lot). Enjoys all fruits & begs me for them when he opens up the refridgerator. Doesn't like sweets much (that sooo doesn't come from his mama! Clay doesn't care much for sweets either.) Had cucumber with cream cheese & pepper today with his lunch & loved it.
Doesn't want to miss anything from any of his days...where's the party? I'm there!
As of March, we've noticed him coloring characters in coloring books & not just randomly on pages. I wish I had a scanner & I would show a cute example (note: first time we noticed it was at Red Lobster (March 13) on their kids menu...he only colored the circles with the animals in them)
Likes to play with playdough & other fun crafty things but if given the choice, would rather kick the soccer ball & throw the basketball or baseball. When he scores (in basketball or air hockey) he throws up both arms & yells something to the effect of, "Gohhhg" for goal or score..we're working on that pronunciation.
Loves seeing new sights & riding in the car (always has..that hasn't changed at all.) Can crawl in his carseat by himself.
Plays by himself contentedly (some), but would rather you be playing with him. Still loves to play with your hair when you're holding him. :)
When he goes to the gym he wants to play basketball on the big boy courts. The end.
Is good at building things with his blocks (also likes knocking them down.)
Wants to help mama & daddy whenever he sees us doing something that he's not.

T.V.: Watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Curious George, Clifford, Dinosaur Train, Sesame Street, Sid the Science Kid, Word World & Thomas the Train (usually 2 shows each morning depending on what time we have the tv on. He doesn't watch all or even half of these in a day...ever!!!!!) When he wakes up, either Special Agent Oso or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on so he watches that almost every morning. Enjoys watching the movies Cars, Mary Poppins (likes the singing & dancing), 101 Dalmations, Classic Disney Cartoons, & VeggieTales.

Says colors: Green, Blue (likes this one!), yellow, orange & red
Says animals: cow, pig, horsey, bird, dog, giraffe, alligator ("aldo"), octopus, fish, duck & a few others..says the sound that these make as well. Other animals he mostly says what they say...for instance, "Cat" is "Meow"...after watching Word World one day he randomly said, "Dragon."

Favorite books: Little Cloud, Corduroy, Old Bear, Harold & the Purple Crayon (also still loves the ones we read to him A LOT last fall such as Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see?, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Goodnight Moon, I am a Bunny, Big Red Barn, Bunny's Noisy Book, any books that focus on trucks, planes & boats, Where's Spot? etc)
We read a large variety of books to him but at times focus specifically on a few & these are some of our recent & past focuses.

Personality: sweet & caring, sensitive, strong-willed & independent, has an opinion about quite a few things, easy going, flexible, neat, sports enthusiast (which his daddy loves!), busy, happy, a jokester

Clay & I love "our little man", our "Pman", our "precious Parker", our "Parker Charles".

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