Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Aunt Ashee

Top 5 (actually, make that 6) Reasons I Love my Aunt Ashee sooo much!

1. Aunt Ashee will come to visit me all the way from Texas during her spring break...she even brought bubbles for us to play with at the park!

2. Aunt Ashee will go down all the slides with me as many times as I ask her to!
3. She will help me make really cool things with Playdough.
Note from Carrie: Ashleigh had my sailboat looking like an unadorned triangle & crescent moon when she whipped up her boy & girl figures complete with dresses, shoes, hair & pants. It's unbelievable how stinkin' creative all of the Nolen girls are...and not just with playdough!!! :)
4. Aunt "Ashes" will get down on the floor with me & whip up all sorts of adventures with my toys. Everything comes to life when she's around!

5. She will read lots of fun books to me & make the characters come alive!

Mama says she loves it when Aunt Ashleigh comes to visit because then they get to chat a lot. :)
But, the number one reason I love my Aunt Ashee is because she is who she is & she loves me so. She makes me laugh & teaches me all sorts of neat things. She's not afraid to get down & dirty at the park, & will climb through all the tunnels on her knees just because she loves me. Even if it's really cold outside (especially to this Southern girl!) she will sit outside on our balcony if I want to carry on a serious conversation with her as we watch the people & cars go by. I love her laid-back yet stand-firm personality...mama says that when Aunt Ashleigh is in town she can sit back & let Aunt Ash take over when she wants to because she's that good with me!
Thank you for coming to see me during your break, Aunt Ashee!!! I love you so much & can't wait to play with you again this summer! I miss you already! Love, Parker

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Casey said...

I love his Aunt Ashee too!!!
So glad you had a little help while Clay was working!!
Looks like y'all had a good time!