Friday, March 5, 2010

Headed out to scrapbook!!!!

To Do list before leaving house for girls scrapbooking weekend:

8am Target - Lock keys in & wake up Clay to come unlock the car
Parker decides he's hungry for the 3rd time this morning, so we head home for another "breakfast" before leaving for gym
10am Work out with Clay - Kill my legs by letting my husband push me into doing 120 lunges & squats...will I be able to move tomorrow?...oh that's right, I'll be sitting at my craft table...he has Parker, so I'll be fine!
Lunch at home with boys - Clay takes a detour to corn dog, chili dog, cheeseburger, apple slices, tater tots & lemon slush later...there goes the workout!...we head home.
Call Tressa to tell her I will be late.
Bake Breakfast Casserole for Sunday School this Sunday
Wipe down counters
Make list of meals for Friday night & Saturday
Laundry (towels & darks)
...Clay is snoring in recliner..Parker is asleep in bed..all is quiet except for my phone ringing & my playlist playing in the background...Tracy calls to tell me if she doesn't get her work finished she's never getting to the hotel...good. I won't be the only one late.
**Change Parker's sheets
Wondering what time I'm actually going to get to the hotel...
Pack pjs &, chocolate, sprite, water, oreos, an apple
Organize & gather scrapbooking stuff to take.. I have NOTHING together...what the heck do I leave? ;)
Load car...Parker wakes up at 3:50 pm...all right, I can do this. Just get whatever you can together, throw it in the car & get on the road!!!
4:10pm...still at home...
I feel so unorganized right now...
5:10pm...all right...last load...we're headed out! FINALLY!!! :)

Be back on Monday with fun pictures!!! :) Have a wonderful weekend!!! I'm so excited to have this time with my girlfriends! Clay & Parker will be doing all sorts of fun "guy stuff." I'm sure it will be nothing short of busy, fun & playful! This will be the first time Clay has had Parker all to himself for more than 24 hours (ever) so it should be fun for both of them. I just hope Parker remembers his mama when I come back on Sunday! ha!

Edited: So on the way to the hotel, Clay calls up Tracy & the girls & asked them if they had an 18 wheeler with them. Tracy was like, "No, but we might can drum one up for you!" Clay's response was, " Well, you might want to check into that because my wife has enough scrapbooking crap here to fill one!" HA HA Clay. Very funny. ;)

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Jami said...

Ha ha, funny. Gotta love those long goodbyes :) Yay for a well deserved scrapbook weekend!