Thursday, March 11, 2010

one foggy day

Our yesterday morning went something like this...

Foggy/overcast outside = foggy/overcast inside
I had every lamp, light, candle on in the home & it still felt dark!!! ...our attitudes weren't perfect either...did I just admit that?

Little man & me driving each other crazy...
I decided we were going for a walk outside fog or no fog
We get outside & it starts pouring...

Time for Plan B: Barnes & Noble was calling our name! Thomas, here we come! I call my chair next to the kiddie table!

While Parker played contentedly with Thomas & friends, I happily sat & enjoyed a little Spring inspiration. :) LOVED this issue so much I had to get it (so happy I had a gift card at that moment!!) If you haven't picked it up yet & are needing to get away from the winter Blah's, this will help!! The colors, ideas, words, pictures...everything is bright & cheerful! Other than last Fall's issue, this was probably one of my favorites.

** Now, here's my little disclaimer for this post. Usually, I do try to find fun indoor at-home activities for Parker & myself to do on dreary, cold days...yesterday was not one of them. I was done with the apt & done with being cooped up inside the same place--so was he.

We had such a great time at Barnes & Noble that I decided it would be a good McD's day. So, onward we went to McDonalds where we enjoyed our cheeseburger, fries & apple slices. It was a happy time. That was all we needed. A couple of hours outside the home was just right.

Much later in the day (at bedtime to be exact) this is where I found Parker when I thought he was running to the bathroom so that we could brush teeth. Has it really already begun?! No, my baby is too little to be raiding the refridgerator!! ...and no, unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened right before bedtime! Clay baby, you might have to start pulling an extra hour each week at have to admit though that Pman looks adorable in his airplane pjs though!!! ;)

Happy flying! uhhh, I mean Happy Dreaming! :)

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A. said...

So I am sitting here in your office looking at the website while you are organizing. Parker and Clay are resting in the other room. Thank you for letting me come and visit you.

Love you so! Ash