Friday, March 19, 2010

Naptime...our routine

An everyday moment: Naptime at our home Clay walked in the living room today & captured a picture of part of our everyday life...Parker's naptime.

Each day, anywhere between 12:15 -1pm, I sit in the recliner with Parker's blue blanket, his pacifier & the t.v. remote. I snuggle him in my arms & while he's falling asleep I take turns watching him &/or either the latest show on the Food Network or According to Jim. :)
Back when I was working every day, one of the things I would wish for was to be able to rock Parker to sleep for his nap. The day after I was laid off I took care of that & haven't stopped since!! I love it probably more than he does!
After he's asleep, which can be anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 minutes, I go & lay him down in our bed, where he snuggles in between pillows & covers & sleeps soundly for an hour & a half to 2 hours. Now, a year ago he would only nap for a half an hour or so, but that has changed as he's gotten older (& when we started laying him down in our bed vs. his crib! :))

It's a simple routine, but I love it so much & cherish the snuggle time!


Jennifer said...

John Alden and I do the same thing and I LOVE it!!! It is my favorite part of the day, but he is only napping arounf 30 min - 1 hour twice a day. I am looking forward to one longer nap... maybe I will be able to get some house work done then. haha! We need to get the boys together when you come home this summer. Hope you are having a great weekend. See you soon.

Marsha Goodwin said...

Nothing better than rockin' your baby...I love your blog...Thanks for sharing your days with us and pix of Parker....Love you

schopmaya said...

Sweet, sweet picture. My favorite post of yours! love you!