Wednesday, May 27, 2009

dropping Parker off...

Parker & I got on the 6am flight to Memphis this morning; what a trooper he was!!! Just as happy & carefree as could be. I was so impressed & so proud of him. He was a lot perkier than I was at 4am!

He was asleep right after we took off & slept most of the flight down to TN.

During the flight, I made out my 5 page "information" list for Rassie on Parker's routines, the items packed in his bags, etc. etc. etc.

Rassie was waiting for us at the Memphis airport at 8am & Parker was one happy little grandbaby! In two minutes he had already shown Rassie all of his tricks & grinned, laughed, waved his hands, jibber-jabbered as fast as those lips would move & given her kisses!!!

I, on the other hand, was not quite as put together & exhuberant with energy! After checking myself in for the flight back to MN at 10am, changing Parker's diaper & walking out to the car to help load everything & get Parker settled in, I lost it.
The tears came...Rassie had come prepared with the tissues & just hugged me. Meanwhile, Parker is making faces & flapping his arms as big as he can in the backseat! ha ha! This mama did not want to leave her son though. I said my final goodbye's & headed back into the airport to go back through security & try to catch the 10am flight back to Minne. I cried as I went into the airport, cried as I walked through security (which was easy breezy by the way because all I had was my purse!!! It was awesome!), & cried when I sat down at my gate. I even cried when the gate agent told me I wasn't getting on the flight. Called to check on Parker & cried when Clay & Tressa called to check my status. :)

So, did I get back to Minne you ask? Yes, I did. There was an angel for the gate agent on the 1:30 flight & I think my mama prayed enough times to get not only myself on, but all the rest of the standby's as well! :) The flight was booked full one hour before; I don't know how the heck I made it on.

While I was waiting for those several hours... this is where I sat (a quiet terminal) while I made phone calls (only 3 to check on Parker) & read some in my magazine.

Oh, this picture was taken this morning as Parker & I slowly made our way to our gate. I was trying to take our time so we wouldn't have to sit at the gate for long since we knew we already had seats!

...So, where is Carrie going you wonder? BERMUDA!
...Thanks to my dear friend, Tressa, who is treating myself & 2 other girlfriends to a trip to come see her! I am super excited about getting to see them & to get a TAN on the Bermuda beaches!!!! ...but this whole thing has been very emotional for me having to leave Parker for that long. I have never been away from him for even 24 hours! I'm going to miss both of my boys very much! Thank you Rassie for taking care of Parker for us though! He is in great hands & I know Parker will have so much fun playing in Grenada with everyone!
(Thanks for the shirt, Tressa! Still a little big, but I couldn't help putting him in it right before I left!)
My girlfriend Cristie & I are flying out together in the morning at 6am (so it's another "wake-up-at-3am-to-leave-at-4am" night). I am exhausted in case you wonder. I'm sure you don't feel sorry for me though! At least, I know Michelle doesn't! ha!

So, when Lacey & Clay came to pick me up from the airport...after we got home, Clay had a "happy" for me for the trip. He had gotten some new cds to load onto his I-pod so that I could take it with me! I was ecstatic! It lifted my spirits for the evening! (And also, when Rassie called to let us know how silly Parker-man was being it made me very happy! He hasn't fussed yet!)

I will post updates from Bermuda! Stay tuned! And if you're in Grenada with my baby, please take care of him! :)

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valerie said...

Oh my goodness! Carrie Jones Nolen ... you sure do get around girl! Paw Paw used to call you "Juice Jones". Now he would call you "Jet-Setter Jones!" Ha!