Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Muffins & Memories

Happy Memorial Day!

We have had a great Memorial Day Weekend! One word to describe it: relaxing! Our activities included several trips to the park, yummy cooked dinners both last night & tonight, 2 movies, family chats, good workouts, a Culvers ice cream treat, a couple of errands & need to do things, & even a "sleep in past 7:00am day" (can you believe it?!) I've also been able to mark quite a few things off of my to-do list which makes me oh so happy!!

Aunt Lacey has been hanging out with us this weekend which makes it even more fun! Tonight, she put Michael Buble' on after our evening stroll at the park; Parker was totally relaxed & enjoyed 2 dances with his aunt before his bath! I've decided I've got to get his cd. It's definately my kind of music! Perfect for evening tunes or for when I'm scrappin' or blogging!

I only had to take about 16 pics to get this one of the two of us today (the best one out of all of them). The one shot that was beyond picture perfect of him (I mean, he's looking straight into the camera giving it his best grin & everything!) totally cut me out & is really dark. Aaagghh! You can't tell it in this photo, but the sky was totally blue today--gorgeous!

We started our morning with fruit & muffins!

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