Friday, May 8, 2009

leaks, garage sale, the Cat in the Hat & more!!!

...Getting daddy's phone fixed at the Apple Store at the Mall of America. They had this cool area set up for kids to sit at these kiddie tables and play marketing! Parker loved listening to the Cat & the Hat & seeing the fun pictures on the computer screen.

Precious Baby Grant! We went to visit friends Sharise & Jimmy & James & 3 1/2 week old Baby Grant the other night! I can't wait to hold this sweet little boy soon! I might just get my chance Sunday night!!!

Walking in daddy's shoes...did you notice his booboo on the right side of his face? We had an accident a couple of days ago with the mean old concrete outside of our apartment complex. Poor Parker...he just fell right on the side of his face & scraped it all up. This is definately his biggest boo boo yet! It still hurts me to look at it. :( If it were up to the way he was acting 5 minutes after the accident though, you wouldn't think it hurt at all!

What you would give to be a fly on our wall this week! ha ha! So yesterday, we had 3 maintenance men in our apartment for 5 1/2 hrs trying to fix
1. leak in the garbage disposal
2. leak in the base of the kitchen faucet
3. a leak somewhere else that they couldn't find (& still haven't found even after going through our dishwasher, our bathroom cabinet & sink, the toilet & the ceiling underneath us!) Currently, our bathroom is still not fixed & things are strewn everywhere! Then I spent a good 6 hrs bringing all of our rummage stuff down to the apt & car from the storage room yesterday afternoon. Let's just say, our apt is looking very interesting right now! :)
P.S. I have no idea why or how this is underlining....I attempted to fix...sorry!

This is sweet friend Laura's (who hosted the garage sale) 10 mos old son. He is one of the happiest & content babies you will ever meet. He was so good today just being outside with everyone & playing out in the yard with his toys! Parker will get a chance to play with him tomorrow so it should be a fun time to watch!

This is what Parker made for me at Daycare today for Mother's Day...isn't it cute?! They cut out his handprints, curled them to make them look like flowers, stuck pipe cleaner on top & rolled the "stem" onto a pen. They then stuck all the little pens in this little pot that had coffee beans in it & decorated the outside! How creative & so special! I love having a set of handprints from every month since he's been born! It's going to be so neat to look back & see how much he has grown just in his hands!

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