Thursday, May 14, 2009

a purple gown, blue - SUCCESS!

Before the surgery: We arrived at the hospital at 7 this morning. Parker was happy & such a sport through all the waiting & such! I did tell the nurse that his daddy might have something to say about the purple outfit...purple is thought of as a feminine color by the testoterone in this household...even if it does have spaceships on it! ha ha!
After the surgery: Parker still happy (most of the time) but very drowsy at first. He lit up when the nurse went & got him a special balloon! We waited around about an hour & were thrilled when we could leave. Parker was ready to be strolled out & to snooze on the ride home!
(For the record, I did not change his outfit because it was purple; it was too big & the nurse brought him a different one that fit better! :) Before the surgery, Parker was walking all over the room playing with the little trucks & men the nurse had brought for him. She was afraid he was going to trip.)

Parker is taking a nap on the couch now while mama packs for Waco, TX. Tomorrow morning we're leaving for Aunt Kaylee's graduation at Baylor University!

Thank you all for your prayers today with Parker's surgery!!! I appreciate it! (In case you're wondering, I only shed tears for about 20 seconds during a slight emotional "that's my baby they're taking back to the surgery room" moment!)


nolenteach said...

And I would say those tears are totally okay!


Jami said...

He looks adorable in the spaceship gown, even if it is purple!! Maybe there will finally be an end to all the ear infections!!

Aunt Laurie said...

I'm so glad he is OKAY! and those tears were just the MAMA in you! So sweet!

Love to all ...