Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Recap of weekend...

Memories from this weekend...playing at Granny & Papa's on Thursday, watching Jan Moody running out from the library screaming, "Carrie! Carrie!" just to catch 2 minutes to hold & take a picture with Parker :) Parker's new shoes, Taylor's graduation, going to Uncle Taylor's apartment & helping pack everything up (more like running after everybody & keeping mama on her toes while everyone else did the packing & loading!) getting to hang out with Cousins Collin & Ashland & Aunt Laurie & Uncle Butch, graduate Sunday at FBC...congratulations Taylor & Collin, strolls through Whippoorwill Cove, yummy food at Rassie's, playing with Granny's "cane" & Tonka trucks, sitting on Uncle Tay's shoulders & wearing his cap after graduation, listening to Granny & Papa's grandfather clock & going in search of it each time it chimed, sitting in one of Rassie's desks at school, eating out with the Penders in Starkville & playing in the dirt with Collin!

We were so blessed & excited to be able to spend the weekend with family & friends! What an exciting time! Clay & I appreciate everyone's help with the travel to & from the airport, the playtimes with Parker & the fun visits!!!

Parker & I had an interesting experience trying to get back to Minne on Tuesday, but thankfully, we did eventually get home! I was so proud of Parker; he was such a little pro!!! Just in case you ever wonder...

"What to do with a one year old at an airport for 7 hours":
1. Go to a quiet gate area & let him push his stroller & romp around for awhile
2. Show him the airplanes, the trucks & the people outside...listen to him make the "bbbbbbuhhh bbbuhhh" truck noises as the vehicles go by
3. Take him to a restaurant & let him eat a BIG breakfast!
4. After exhausting him with fun, help him fall asleep by strolling him through the airport
5. Let him wave & talk to people as they go by
6. Play silly games & make faces at each other
7. Eat a good lunch
8. Stroll through the airport some more...going to terminals at the complete opposite side of the airport just to see new things & make the time go by
9. Stop in the bookstores/stores & point out cool things!
10. Smile & breath a sigh of relief when your name is called to board the plane...have fun & enjoy the ride!

Jan Moody & Parker at Kirk on Thursday

Rassie & Parker at the hotel in Starkville on Friday

So proud of you!!!!

Taken during the graduation ceremony

Shaking hands with Shorty & congrats from family & friends!

Taylor & Fair

Love this picture of Taylor with the Penders!!!

Shorty, Taylor & Mama Sam...let me tell you...these were some proud grandparents!

Family photo!

Family picture at church on Sunday

Cousin Collin & Parker at FBC...thank you for sharing the picture David! (This picture was compliments of David Cummings.)

LOVE this this neighborhood...

Had such fun watching Parker look out the window of the airplane on the way home on Tuesday...he was so relaxed!

...and before too long in the asleep...

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