Monday, May 11, 2009

playing with my little guy!

If I never hear the word "grapevine" again it will be too soon! :)

I checked off 7 things on my "to do" list today! Yea!

After Parker's pre-op for tubes today (which went great by the way), I decided it was time for a treat! We went to Culvers & shared some ice cream & then drove to a nearby park....oh, how I wish I had had a video camera to capture his expression & excitement when we pulled into the parking lot & he saw the playground.

Got home from the park & needed to start on more "to do's"...but, Parker was being too cute & we were having too much fun playing together. The rest of the "to do's" can wait until tomorrow! :)

I baked Easy Bacon Cheeseburger Lasagna for supper tonight.

Parker was so happy to get his bath tonight that he gasped with excitement when I turned on the water in the tub! ha ha! (he still has orange in his eyebrows from supper even after all that scrubbing!)

I hope each of you moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day! Mine was perfect! I got to be at home with my two guys! Clay treated me to a fantastic lunch at Red Lobster! Yum! :)

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