Saturday, May 23, 2009

Moments such as these...

Every day, I love to see the excitement from new sights light up your eyes!

Your smile is contagious; it makes everyone around you smile!

I love how confident you are in trying new things!

Your daddy & I always want to know what you're thinking...those wheels are constantly turning these days.

I love hearing your chitter chatter every day!

You are definately an observer like your daddy; you are perfectly content to sit & watch people (until you get "ancy" like your mom & decide to get up & do...then get ready people because it will be awhile before he sits again!!)

You love watching other young boys play; I can already see in your eyes you wanting to do what the big boys do...throw the football, ride the tricycle, jump high & run will all come in due time. Don't rush a single moment; it will pass before you know it.

I love your confidence & your attitude. You are not afraid to show what you like & dislike already!

Thank you for another fun day together! Moments such as these are the ones I live for! I love you & can't wait for tomorrow when you wake up so we can play some more! :) Sleep well my precious son!

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valerie said...

Love these pics! Of course I always love all your pics of Parker!