Thursday, May 28, 2009

letter from Parker

So I checked my email before I went to bed last night & this is what I found in my inbox from mama (Rassie) you see where I get my love of writing from?! I can't wait to include this letter in Parker's scrapbook. It meant so much to me to be able to know what Parker did on his first day away from mama & daddy! Thank you for being creative & thinking like I think on things like this mama! This is a forever keepsake & it made me go to bed with a grin wider than the MS when I crawled under the covers last night!

"My First Vacation (away from mama & daddy):

Hey, Mommy and Daddy!
Rassie is helping me write this. She has so much to learn about computers! In another year or two, I will come spend a week with her and teach her everything she needs to know!

We had a fun trip to Grenada. Rassie played a CD of Songs for Tots and she sang and I clapped some and smiled at her in the mirror!

We stopped at Olive Branch at a McDonald's to have some breakfast. I was not very impressed with the Golden Arches. There wasn't even a playground! I was good anyway and ate some sausage and cheese biscuit. The most fun was watching a man wash the windows! Rassie said the most fun for her was watching me and seeing the wonder on my face while I watched that man with the pole clean the windows.

I got excited when we got to Grenada! I was just too excited to nap on the way. I played with some of Rassie's toys for a while and she tried to get me to eat, but i wasn't very hungry. Then she read me a really good book about another baby reading a book! Then she rocked me to sleep. While I got "ready" to sleep, I showed her where her nose was, also her eyes and mouth! I think i really impressed her with how smart i am!

I woke up after only 45 minutes because this loud machine woke me! Rassie said it is called a lawn mower and that it makes the yard look pretty. I don't know about the yard, but that machine looked like it would be fun to ride! She told me that maybe sometime when you and Daddy are here, he can ride me on it!

Rassie rocked me back to sleep and I felt SO good when I woke up! I was all smiles and chatter! I had a good snack--lunch---some turkey sticks and grapes. Then we got our shoes on and went for a long stroll. Even though I am still little and can't talk much, I know that Mississippi weather is very different from where I live! It is very hot here! We walked up to see Granny and Papa but they were not home. Then we just took a neighborhood stroll. By the time we got home, we were both ready for some water! After we cooled off, Rassie went to the kitchen to start cooking supper. I had fun with my Mississippi toys and I took some of them in the kitchen to play with.

I decided while supper was cooking that I wanted to go back outside! You know, Mommy how I go to the door and say "outside" with a little begging voice? Well, I tried that with Rassie and her heart just melted! I think I already have her wrapped pretty tight! Anyway, she took me out and held my hand and we walked down the street. You'll never guess what treasure I found? And Rassie let me bring it back to hre house! A rock!!!!!!! Now that I think about it, I don't know what happened to that rock---I haven't seen it since we got back! Maybe it has something to do with why she washed my hands when we got back inside!

I ate a very good supper--chicken, potatoes, carrots, string beans, and tomato.MMMMMMmmm!

Rassie wanted to clean the kitchen, but I talked her into playing with me in the den, after all, I have to go to bed soon! SOOOOOOOOOOOO....we played all kinds of games---ball, we read books, we played with the activity center and made everything move as fast as we could! I played with Thomas the Train. I learned something all by myself. If i turn the train over, I can turn the wheels with my hands! It is fun, too.

After Rassie talked on the phone with Mommy and Uncle Taylor, she told me it was time for my bath. We grabbed up one of the baby ducks and a new frog and starfish for the tub. My bath felt so good tonight since we got hot this afternoon! By the time we got through with all the bedtime "stuff" (and yes, I took my medicine like a gentleman!) I was ready for my milk, story, prayers, and bedtime. Mommy, don't be upset, but Rassie rocked me for about 5 minutes before she put me to bed! That was a treat for us both. I know because she told me and when she prayed she thanked God for letting her hold me and rock me!

Well, i guess Rassie needs some rest too so I will blow you a big KISS now and tell you I LOVE YOU! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMUUUUUHHHHHH!
Be safe flying, Mommy, and tell Mrs. Tressa that I said "Hey from Mississippi!"

Love your little Prince---Parker-man"

P.S. I did make it to Bermuda safely...around 2pm MS & MN time & 4pm Bermuda time! We just finished dinner & are about to visit! I will be headed to bed early tonight; and the best part is...10pm Bermuda time is 8pm MN time. Thank you Dear Lord. Can't wait to share more with ya'll tomorrow!


valerie said...

Love the blog!! How long are you going to be in Bermuda?

carrie said...

through Monday! It's already going by so fast! I can't wait to see Parker & Clay though!