Thursday, May 21, 2009

Graduation Weekend in Texas

What a fun past week we have had visiting family in Texas! Kaylee, one of my awesome sistas ("in-law" for those of you who are confused!) graduated from Baylor University this past weekend in Waco, TX. We flew down on Friday & stayed through this morning.
Fun times hanging out in the hotel room...graduation day (let's not forget that Parker has officially christened the Baylor campus in 2 places! We accidently bought him the wrong type diapers so the first 2 days in Waco were an experience I'm sure the girls would have loved to have skipped --since Kaylee & Lacey were holding him both times it happened!:) ...busyness of helping Kaylee pack for the summer & her move ...driving to Houston ...Parker showing everyone his muscles & his "sweet eyes" (which the girls taught him this week!) ...Earl grey tea ...driving around Houston for hours new summer clothes for Parker ...Star Trek movie in Houston (Parker watched the entire thing!) ...Checkers & Rocking outside the Crackerbarrel ...dinner at Cheeves Saturday night ...our incredibly nice room at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Houston --didn't like the COLD halls though! ...Kaylee's rose Saturday night ... tea party at La Madeline's in Houston (I had delicious "Anne's cake"...can you guess what it was? I'll give you a hint...what food do I specifically talk about in this blog & everywhere else more than anything?) ...lunch at Spring Creek BBQ ...breakfast with family each morning at the Hampton Inn. SO thankful we were able to go & be a part of all of this!!!!

Clay, Parker & I were able to catch the first flight out this morning back to MN. It was a busy last several days with some late nights & early mornings so we're all a little pooped. We have had a fairly relaxing afternoon...I even got to snuggle Parker on the couch a little bit while he snoozed!
Parker with Aunt KK at the hotel room Friday afternoon! Gotta get in some good laughs & playtime!
Aunt Lacey & Parker in a serious game of checkers...can you guess where we ate Friday night?! :) One of our favorite places with great sweet tea!

That would be me taking a picture in the reflector mirrors outside the Crackerbarrel; Kaylee & Lacey are in the chairs behind me!
Lacey & Clay hanging out at the hotel room Friday night!
Parker sitting sweetly at graduation on Saturday

Proud Grandparents!!

Kaylee & her friends who came down from Houston to support her!!
Kaylee & Lacey (We missed you so much Ashleigh!!!)

Kaylee, Congratulations again!!! We are all sooo proud of you & know you are headed off to great things! Thank you for letting us be a part of your weekend! We can't wait to see you later this summer! We love you!!!

Parker was so excited about his dinner Saturday night; he was excited to have his very own plate with shrimp & other yummy food!
Nana & Poppie (aka The Nolens)
Yum...delicious salad!
Parker showing off to all the girls at the table! :) He was doing "the winner" (He also showed off his muscles & kisses!)
the Girls outside Cheeves Saturday night!
One of my favorite places of the Hampton...Where I stopped by almost every day on my way in from outside (Earl Grey tea..mmmm)
Ok, so other than the splattered bugs all over the windshield I LOVED this picture of Parker. He decided he wanted to drive to Houston on Monday!
This is what I did on the way to a magazine while enjoying a moist, rich chocolate brownie from Chic-fil-a! :)

"All my bags are packed I'm ready to go..."

So now we're home, I've had a couple of hours of relaxation... it's time to hit the laundry & other duties hard! :) And then hopefully, off to bed a little bit early tonight!


Jami said...

You guys have the most interesting and exciting trips!!! Even if a trip wasn't interesting or exciting though, I think just the way you tell it would make it so! Parker is such a little man! So well behaved and happy! Glad you had a good time!

A. said...

Oh I wish I could have been there!! But I am glad I get to see you guys soon!!

Aunt Ash