Thursday, August 6, 2009

Children's Museum in St Paul

This morning, Clay, Parker & I left out with Bella & Michelle to head to the Children's Museum in St. Paul. What a fun morning!!! (I don't know which was more fun...watching Parker mesmorized by everything & having fun playing with all the new stuff or checking out Clay as he played with the "inventions" & excitedly showed each kid that came up to his area how to work the toy machines. My husband really gets into this kind of stuff!) :)
Bella & Parker loved playing in the waterworks area. At this particular station, you could place plastic balls inside different parts of the tube & the balls would shoot through the tubes & come out one of the ends.
Loving those presh pigtails, Bella girl!
Parker's sweet & curious expressions were priceless throughout the morning.
Here, he was a construction worker. There were about 12 different jobs for the kids to do at this 2 story station. Parker's favorite job was loading the blocks on the belt & turning the wheel so that the blocks would fall into a bucket (soon to be whisked away by another worker to start at another station!)
The kids enjoyed storytime with Clifford!
My favorite room was one that the kids could literally run around in by themselves with hardly any supervision. This room was filled with different outdoor adventures, such as "the prairie land," "the Bluff Caves," "the Pond," "the Forest" (which was the one Parker was playing at in the picture!) and several others. Everything in the room is kid friendly!!! The forest was a winter wonderland with ice blocks for the kids to build with. (and what a gorgeous view of a part of the downtown area out this window!)
The Children's Museum was such a fun, educational experience for the kids today!! Both Bella & Parker fell asleep as soon as we left the parking garage! They had obviously worked so hard at their play today! :)
If you are in the Minnesota region, the Children's museum is free every 3rd Sunday of the month! What a fun outing to treat your kids to! We'll definitely be going back for more fun soon!

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