Sunday, August 23, 2009

parker's first ball...

Trivia question:
"What was the first ball that Clay bought for Parker after he was born?"
(hint: it was actually Parker's first "toy" from us...though it was bought shortly after Parker was born, this ball went in his Easter basket!)

Here's a picture to help your memory! (& to remind us all what a nice little drooler our little Pman was!) :)

Answer: a Soccer ball!

One guess what we did yesterday...

Oh yes...time out at the field!
Scrapbook note: Parker's first official soccer practice with daddy at the field! Sat. August 22
Parker is actually a good little kicker & loved every minute of the playtime! (the field was kind of connected to a playground though, so of course, Parker had to go back & forth between the two play areas!) :)

Daddy: "Parker, here comes the ball! Get down low & get ready to block!"
Parker: "All right Daddy! I'm getting down low!"
Less than a minute later....I looked up to see this! Parker got down low all low he decided playing in the dirt was more entertaining than continuing to block & go after the balls! ha!

Trivia question #2: Which sport was Clay the assistant coach of at a highschool while living in Oklahoma? (Hint: he was the also the manager of the Girls _____ Team while at OSU...same sport!)

...should be an easy one guys...

Did it take you more than one guess? :)

...see picture above for answer!

Loved watching these two play together out on the field! And yes, I did get out there myself & work up a sweat...when I wasn't behind the camera of course! :)

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