Saturday, August 29, 2009

pictures by Abbey

My favorite snapshots taken by Abbey:
(you can check out her photography website here!)

Ok, so the other night when I went downtown to meet my girlfriend Abbey for dinner, she of course, brought her fabulous camera with her. We were standing outside the restaurant (that just happened to have an old deep red brick it!) & Abbey said, "Let me get a few snapshots of you & Parker together!" You all know I would never turn down a picture time with my baby, so even though I had no makeup on & had warned her before coming that I didn't have time to blow dry my hair that particular morning & had thrown it up in a clippie, she somehow managed to make these pictures incredible! I love how she played around with the different background textures on these!!! The first picture shown of Parker was my favorite of him..what a sweet expression on his face! By the time my camera usually flashes he's already off 1/4 mile in the other direction! So thankful for your high megapixel, super fast takes Abbey! :) Thank you for capturing these sweet moments of us! (Abbey actually took over 25 pictures of us in less than 1 minute!) The ones that you see here were taken in just a few seconds!

It was so much fun getting to catch up on Abbey's life for the past like 10 months since we've seen each other! She is such a of the most giving & caring people that I know. Abbey also has such a zest for life & a creative mind for any & every little thing, so it's a blast just getting to be around her! Can you tell that I just adore this girl?!
Love your positive outlook on life, Abbey! I can't wait to get together this fall for an "orchard outing!" Thank you again for a fun evening out, Abbey!

Fun note: Abbey & I met on an airplane for the first time shortly after Clay & I moved to MN in 2006. We were destined to have seats together & become lifelong friends! :) After both of our trips were over, we contacted each other, met up in St. Paul shortly after & the rest is history!

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