Friday, August 14, 2009

riding in daddy's truck

The top 10 reasons I love riding in my daddy's truck:

10. How cool is it to ride in a vehicle named "Troublemaker"?!
9. I can see everything outside when we're driving down the road!!
8. We're higher up than anybody else on the road when we ride in daddy's truck
7. I like trucks!
6. Daddy puts on my cool shades & sometimes even lets me wear his.."Hollywood!"

5. The vibration & sounds from daddy's truck have always been able to lull me to sleep since I was a little baby
4. I love to stand up in the back of the truck while daddy works on it!!
3. When I ride with daddy in his truck, he'll take me to Sonic & share his Route 44 with me...mama isn't supposed to know about it though so shhhh, please don't tell! :)

2. Daddy plays cool music & we'll work the beat together as he's driving down the roads...he sings, I smile & tap my hand to the beat
1. It's fun hanging out with my daddy in his truck!
I love my daddy!

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