Saturday, August 8, 2009

random scribblings about our day

Went to the gym at 8:30am for a wake-up woke me up...
Ate a salad topped with turkey, cheese, tomatoes, bacon bits, & other good stuff for lunch...
...then completely wiped out the healthy lunch with pizza at Cici's for dinner.
Wanted to bathe Parker before we left Cici' can a little boy stuff so much pizza in his mouth at one time anyway??
Had a fun movie night last night with Clay complete with coke & popcorn...watched one of our favorites: "Shooter" with Mark Walberg
Loving counting to 3 so we can hear Parker reply, "Teeeee" after we say, "One, two..." It makes us so happy!
Visited with a girlfriend for a few minutes today...Cristie, let me know about the park tomorrow! :)
Am working on a cute mini album as a gift for someone special...don't you wonder who it is?!
Need new running shoes...badly!
In the mood to dust my house right now, but afraid I won't be able to go to sleep afterwards if I do!
Washed my one load of laundry today
Wishing that we could have made my Great-aunt Vivian's 100th birthday party today with the rest of the family!
So excited for 2 of my best girlfriends who are expecting & am praying for them every day!!!
Target today: milk, oj, bread, grapes, stouffers lasagna, lettuce, cheese, yogurt, pretzels (Parker loves those pretzel sticks!!!), frozen mixed veggies (P loves these as well!), frozen pizza for a lazy meal day...& that was my list!
Not wanting Clay to leave tomorrow
Wondering if Parker might be coming down with a cold...let's pray he's not!
Loving Parker's 18 month pics that we picked up today
is it supposed to rain tomorrow?
time to go to bed? yup.

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