Monday, August 31, 2009

hello Monday!

I love simple Monday's!

Today, Parker & I will enjoy a typical August weekday at the Nolen household: Breakfast, Dress & head to gym at 9:30 (Parker plays hard in the kid's room while mama works up a sweat in Studio 2 with Pam!), Home at noon, lunch, Parker's naptime 12:45-?? (usually till about 2pm), mama blogs & does household tasks, Parker wakes up & we have reading time mixed with a little indoor playtime, fun outing in the afternoon (not sure where yet today..I'll let you know what we decide!), home usually by 6 for mama to start supper (parker plays and/or stands under mama's feet!), dinner at 7pm, bathtime at 7:30, baby massage time, bedtime story with milk, brush teeth, & anytime between 8-8:30 "night night." It's nice sometimes to have simple days.

I spent a few minutes this morning reflecting on our fun & busy weekend with friends! Here are just a handful of events and pictures from the last 72 hours.
Can you tell we enjoyed some serious scrappin' time on Saturday?!! Thank you so much to our FABULOUS husbands for watching the kiddos for us!!

Had a wonderful time visiting & hanging out with these two...

I think besides hanging out with his daddy, one of the highlights for Parker this weekend was digging in to some yummy pizza from Broadway! :)
Funny story: So I had just gotten down to the conference room Saturday morning to scrapbook & Clay texted me. Here's what it said: "Hey Baby, you are not going to believe this! I was getting him ready to go [to the gym] and he took me to his room and asked for his blanket! So we sat down and he is sound asleep. Crazy huh!" All I can say is...Unbelievable. Parker does not do that with his mama. It must be a daddy thing. :)

Wanted to show you one of the pages from Saturday..I'll be showing different ones all throughout the week! This one was super simple!
Supplies: Cardstock & American Craft Thickers

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