Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Duluth '08 Mini Travel Album

I am so excited! I just finished this cute mini travel album from Archivers and Little Yellow Bicycle; it's filled with fun memories from our weekend trip to Duluth last August. It was so simple & fun to put together!

I have really been into mini albums lately because I feel like it's a realistic project for me to start in the middle of the day when I have 20 minutes to work on something other than housework, cooking, emails, etc. Gradually, I am catching up on our family albums, but the process is going to take a lot more than a few weeks of an hour or two here or there. So, how fun when you need a confidence booster or that sense of accomplishment to be able to sit down and in just a couple of hours (or less!) complete your own mini album!

Mini albums can have an easy beginning, middle & end (like this travel one that I did) or they can be an ongoing small project such as the "Minnesota favorites" album that our family has & continues to update as we discover new "favorite places" in Minnesota!

Here's a page by page of the travel album (you can click on the pics to get a closer look!):

All products by: Little Yellow Bicycle
I LOVE this travel collection by Little Yellow Bicycle! It's one of my new favorite "travel" lines!

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Jami said...

I like! What a quick hitter as far as making progress!