Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our night with Chuckie!

"Don't worry Chuckie! I'll take care of the driving; you just sit there & look cool!"
Number of pizza slices Parker woofed down on his 1st trip to Chuck E Cheese: 2

"Take me flying Daddy!"

2 families, 2 large pizzas, 4 drinks & 2 milks, 100 game tokens, chasing after 2 munchkins, 12 attempted pictures with Chuckie with both kids looking at camera (I'm pretty sure not a single one turned out!), 2 tired & ready-to-go to bed kids by 7:45pm, 2 very excited mama's on the way home....maybe we'll get an extra hour of sleep tonight out of this...
August 19, 2009
Parker's first trip to Chuck E. Cheese
Results: Success! Yummy! Must go back soon!
Until next time Chuck E.!!!

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