Saturday, February 28, 2009

birthday party fun!!!

Today, we helped celebrate a friend of our's first birthday party! Greta Willander invited me to her Princess Party this afternoon. We had so much fun getting to play with her toys and watch her play with the birthday cake. One of my favorite parts of the day was getting to climb the soft stairs at her house. I was so fast that mama had to watch me every second to make sure I wasn't headed for those fun climbing things. One time, mama turned around to say hello to someone and by the time she turned back to check on me I had rounded the corner to start my second flight! That's because I am like Superman...faster than a speeding bullet! My next favorite part about the party was that mama let me have some yummy punch and part of a cupcake.

I thought Greta's cake and decorations were really cool...even though they were all pink!

Greta even let me play with this really neat walker that lights up and sings to you if you press buttons. Her coolest birthday present was this pink trike that you could sit on and scoot around the living room in. The buttons that you could push to make noises were almost as much fun as driving around on it!

I think she liked my present also -- "You are Special" by Max Lucado. Mama said it was for a special girl when we picked it out for her!

I am so happy that Greta invited me to her party!

Mama helped me share today; she said I did good...I only fussed a couple of times when I wanted to play with some of my friend's new toys and it wasn't my turn. Mama said that I was really good this afternoon even though I didn't get my morning or afternoon're never to young to start earning brownie points...especially since mama loves chocolate...something about needing it for her her blood...well anyway, I was a good boy & made my mama proud!!! :)

**I was sad I missed my other friend's party! Case Kimbrough turned one year old on Thursday! We'll have to play together again in March when mama brings me to MS! :)

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GrannieT said...

Hi Carrie! I finally found your blog today! I read for 3 hours! And I love the pictures... Keep writing!