Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blue Jeans & Snow!!!

So today we ventured out to the Mall of America on a mission; I needed blue jeans...badly. The 2 pair that I own both have large holes in them. After trying on about 47 pairs in several different stores I selected 3 different styles (and I told Clay that these better last me for at LEAST 2-3 years.) One of them was on sale for a great price; the other two were pricier than what I usually pay but they fit me really well and were comfortable. And you know when you find a good fitting pair of blue jeans, you just gotta go with it.

The picture of Parker sitting amongst the blue jeans was us right before we left the last store. He had been soooo good and had fun helping mama & daddy shop; in this particular picture however he was threatening to get fussy! I thought it was too cute not to post because this is his new look of "if I scrunch my nose, make a face and grunt just a little it'll get their attention!" Parker was telling us it was time to go! ha ha! What's so funny is as soon as we pick him up when he makes this "I'm threatening to fuss face" he drops the pouty act faster than we can say, "It's ok, we're leaving!" and immediately is content! It's kind of little pickle! :)

So, did I say we were supposed to get snow this evening? I was wrong. What they actually meant by that was that by today at 3pm we would have 5-8 in and by Friday morning about 4-5 more inches on top of that. It only took us an hour to drive the 11 miles home this afternoon.

Here is a picture taken outside of our balcony of the snow in Apple Valley as of 4pm today. It is really coming down outside right now. Of course my husband is just loving it!!! He wanted to go outside and play in the snow earlier...I quickly told him it was too cold for that today! Maybe we can play for a bit tomorrow! :)

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Jami said...

Woo Hoo! YAY for great fitting blue jeans! Those things are hard to come by.