Monday, February 23, 2009

Two very cool aunts!

This is a picture of Kaylee & Lacey in costume with Parker right before their performance at SING on Saturday evening (L-R: Kaylee, Parker & Lacey). I've gotta say...Parker certainly has some mighty cool aunts! :) The Zeta Tau Alpha's put on a terrific performance on Saturday; the theme was "Fly me to the Moon." I'm amazed each year how incredibly talented these college students are. Each of the 17 sororities & fraternities participate in "SING" and try to earn a spot in the prestigous "Pigskin" event that is held later in the spring. Only a few slots are available...I think they pick the top 6 from the 17 groups and then those 6 get to participate in Pigskin later in the spring. It's a huge deal each year; months of preparation is required for the 6 nights of SING performances. This year, Lacey was one of the Chairs for Zeta Tau Alpha. Each group has about 7 minutes to perform and then a couple of minutes to switch over props and such for the next group. I'm telling you...these shows are amazing...the songs, dances, music, props, costumes...everything is top notch! Check out You Tube for some performances!

Thank you Kaylee & Lacey for sharing this fun weekend with us! We appreciate ya'll taking time out of your incredibly busy schedule to play! :) **Let me just tell you how cool these girls are and how lucky Parker is to have such wonderful aunts...when we got to the apartment, they had bought Parker his own toys (blocks, toy cell phone...) and even had a "Parker drawer" for his bath things, a blanket, etc. Gerber Graduate snacks were waiting in the kitchen for him...I mean, seriously, how much more can you do for your nephew?!!

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