Sunday, February 8, 2009

a glimpse of our day

This morning, Parker was loving the "Aaaa" syllable; he was just babbling away with every little nonsense word he could think of!!
Also, the boy is getting too smart too fast. Today, he tried getting in our kitchen cabinets (which is not unusual; this happens at least 6-7 times every day!). But today was different; I turned him towards me so that he could look at me as I tried to scold him and tell him not to open mama's cabinets again or he was going to get a spanking. Now mind you the whole time I'm talking to him he wouldn't look me in the eye...instead, he leans forward and says, "Aaaaahhh" and gives me his famous mouth wide open kisses! I'm just sitting there trying so hard not to laugh as he places his hands on my shoulders and leans towards me then back, to be able to see my face, and then forward again as he says "aaaahh" and plants a big wet one on my lips! I can tell this scolding thing is not always going to be easy! :)

Mama opted for a quick lunch today: Chef Boyardee & grapes

We're starting to misplace quite a few socks during naptime! (see yesterdays);)

Picked up a few scrapbooking supplies today for a surprise album for Clay for Valentine's Day...shhh, it's a surprise! :)

Clay arrives home from his 4 day trip tonight!!! Yea!

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