Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How could you not?

How could you not adore this precious face?

Ring..Ring..."yes, i want to speak with my daddy please!" :)

Oh Parker, how I love your silly grins, your pats on my face, how it comforts you to touch and feel my hair, how you get sooo excited every time your daddy walks in the door from a trip, and your cute caboose and legs (they're going to be just like your daddy's!!! :)) I love how much you love bathtime!!! ...the sweet baby aroma after your bath, to watch you think, how you like to stack everything!!! ... how good of a baby you are! ...the way you eat almost everything with excitement...the adorable innocent "aaahhh" sound that comes out of your mouth to show us that you are in awe of something (such as when I take you to the balcony door to let you see outside, when I give you a snack that you really want...when you see new things that spark your interest!)

Thank you for being ours precious one! We love you! Mama & Daddy

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