Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chic-fil-A & Friends!

**Update: The pictures are of us at Chick-fil-a...Poppie & Parker having a moment, Parker showing us the winner, our friend Kevin holding the 2 babies before putting them to bed (what you didn't see in this picture was Parker giving goodnight kisses to everyone including Kevin's daughter, Addison - the one in the picture - Shortly after that, "dad" handed Parker back over to his mama & daddy so that no more kisses were exchanged! ha ha!) The picture of the cute girl in the pink car is Kiersten, Liz & Kevin's oldest daughter!

Clay & Poppie had mtgs to go to in Houston early Thursday morning, so Parker & I stayed at the hotel, caught up on a little rest and enjoyed a buffet breakfast. Thursday evening Clay & I picked up another rental car & drove to see some friends of ours, Kevin & Liz (Clay actually went to school with them at Baylor). They have 2 precious girls, Kiersten (7) and Addison (18 months). We had a delicious dinner with them at their house, visited and watched the babies play together. After putting the kids to bed and chatting for a couple of hours, the night ended with a fun game of Wii. Clay and I left around midnight to head back to the hotel...back in the bed around 1am...another late night!

Friday morning Poppie went in to work for a little bit; Clay, Parker & I stayed in the bed until around 8:30 and then started getting ready to head out. We enjoyed an early lunch at one of the local Mexican restaurants in Katy before Clay had to fly back to MN. Poppie, Parker & I left for Waco...about a 3 hr drive from Houston. We were headed to Waco to see Kaylee & Lacey (Clay's sisters)...Baylor is having its SING production this weekend and both of the girls are in it. Friday afternoon we arrived and checked into the Hampton then met up with the girls for a bite to eat before Poppie headed to the show. (We had to go on separate nights because we couldn't get tickets for the same night.) Parker & I hung out at the hotel and called it a fairly early night (well, earlier than the last couple of nights anyway!).

Saturday we enjoyed a continental breakfast, went shopping at the mall in Waco, had Chick-fil-A for lunch (that was probably the best part! :)) and then I got to go to Sing that evening! It was awesome! (We missed you Clay!!!) Each of the groups did such a great job! I'll have to post some pics soon of Parker with the girls in their cute costumes!!! Then we took the girls and went to Fudruckers for a late dinner.

This morning, Poppie took Kaylee, Lacey, me & Parker to Crackerbarrel for a brunch before he flew out to head back to Vietnam. The girls and I relaxed at the hotel for a little bit longer before heading to Lacey's apartment. They are now at Sing practice; Parker & I are playing here until they get back.

Parker & I are going to try and get a flight back to Minne tomorrow evening. I'll post more cute pictures from the trip after we get back! Sorry for the horrific gramatical errors in the posts from this trip...I'm always in a hurry and trying to keep Parker out of all the breakable or destructable objects in sight...aka "the pretties"! ha ha!

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Jami said...

Parker doing "the winner" is so cute. And what better place to do "the winner" than at Chick-Fil-A. I love and miss Chick-Fil-A!! Looks like you guys had an exciting time. Thank goodness no one was hurt in the accident. Now, for some catching up on your missed sleep!!