Wednesday, February 11, 2009

receiving mail

Do you know....that receiving mail makes me sooo happy! I check our mail everyday because I love going down to the mailbox and seeing what the mailman dropped off for us that day! It can always put a smile on my face! So of course I was ecstatic when the postman buzzed our apt today...because that means a package!!! Yea! I don't mind weeding through the junk mail either as long as I can sort out all of the mail...junk(garbage), Carrie's pile, Clay's pile...somehow, it relaxes me! :)

You wanna know something kinda funny? Even the few times that I have asked Clay to pick it up for us on his way in, he will leave it sitting on the counter for me to sort through when I get home because he knows how much I like to do that!!!
Anyway, so now you know another little tidbit about me! :)

I hope that each of you are blessed with lots of fun mail this week!!

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