Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grocery deals and Warmer days

So, it's Wednesday evening (10:19 to be exact) and I'm not sleepy. I think staying up late every night down in Waco last week has taken its toll on me. Clay & I were up till 1am last night trying to fall asleep. But of course this morning I felt like death run over when Parker woke up at 6:45. After changing his diaper and giving him some milk, I decided that today would be a good day for him to get in the bed with mama & daddy! ha ha! Luckily for us, after about a half an hour, he fell asleep. I think I woke him up almost 2 hrs later when my back was throbbing from the tangled position I was in (plus, I had a little knee or foot or something poking me in the back...I smiled thinking of how I felt during the last few weeks of my pregnancy.)

Today went by fast...trip to the Rainbow and to Target for groceries. Now that I am at home during the days I have been going wherever the best deals are...that usually involves 2 for the diapers and household products and maybe a few groceries and the other primarily for the groceries. Rainbow each week will have 1 or 2 killer deals that you just can't pass up. For instance, Kraft Mac n Cheese is on sale for $.39. Now, at Target the absolute lowest price you will see it is $.52. When Rainbow offers these good deals, there is always a limit. Good thing is, you can always go back the next day! :)

I have discovered up here that the absolute cheapest place to buy Huggies diapers is at Target when Huggies go on their monthly sale. Plus, Target will usually take more than one of my coupons!! Yea! I always leave the store with a smile on my face when I have his 104 pack Size 3 diaper box under my arm with my receipt showing a whopping 17.99! Now that is a good day!!!

I cooked Old Fashioned Beef Stew (out of my Better Home & Garden Cookbook) and cornbread tonight. It was good; I was so pleased that Parker and Clay devoured it! And there's plenty more left over for the rest of the week! I love left-overs. **Something you may not know about me...I will actually calculate how much a cooked meal cost us by figuring how many meals we got out of it! It usually makes me proud! :) I have decided though that one meal I can't beat the price of by baking it myself is Lasagna. Clay & I love the Stouffers Lasagna & it's like $6 for a Family Size! We don't have left-overs but it is certainly filling. I don't make homemade lasagna for that reason...maybe one day I will.

The pictures in this blog have nothing to do with today; just some fun ones I was thinking about. These were taken last August when Parker was 7 mos old; one was at the pool and the other was out at a park with a beach near our apartment. Oh how I can't wait to get those sweet toes in the sand and water again! I can tell by the way he beckons to go outside on our balcony that he LOVES being outdoors. He gets this huge grin on his face when we're outside and the wind is blowing in his face. I can't wait for warmer days...I think we'll have to wait awhile longer for that though...we're expecting 5-6 inches of snow tomorrow evening.

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Jami said...

I am so impressed (and surprised) by your incredible attention to detail and the thorough analysis you do regarding meal costs!! If I didn't know better, I'd think you were and accountant or something! Don't get me wrong, I'm the most analytical person ever, so glad to see you're also in this club!! And I'm going to try that Stouffer's lasagna, sounds like a good deal!