Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY SWEETHEART! Parker & I missed you today!!!

An overview of our day today:
Parker woke up at 5:15a.m. with a poopy diaper...Carrie got up to take care of...Clay's alarm went off at 6 to leave for airport...6:45 Parker wakes up again...Carrie gets up to get him and a bottle ready...7-9 playtime and breakfast...crankiness sets in around 9am - time for a short a.m. nap...Parker sleeps from about 9:15-9:45...10-11 read lots of stories together...lunchtime...more playtime with some fussiness...1pm lays down for about a 45 min nap...wakes up really fussy this time...mama gives him tylenol and orajel...(upon rubbing the orajel in I figured out what the cause was for all of his fussiness...his left molar is this big swollen bump)...poor was an interesting afternoon...lots of playtime with also a good bit of tears and crankiness...he is now nestled under his covers for the night...

I wanted to post some cute pictures but I haven't taken any new ones in the last day or two. I took Parker outside this afternoon hoping to capture some fun moments, but as soon as I walked outside the cold blew us right back in (it was 20 degrees outside..who knew??) I am so ready for a warmer day so that we can take Parker to the park!!!

It's almost 9p.m. and I am about to settle on the couch with some chocolate and a scrapbooking magazine!!! :) The last couple of days (excluding today) I've managed to squeeze in a little craft time, so I'll try and post some pics of my ongoing projects soon!

Have a relaxing evening! :)

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valerie said...

In a few years, you will wonder ... HOW DID I EVER SURVIVE?"