Sunday, February 1, 2009

saying good-bye to MS...hello MN!

Parker & Rassie enjoyed playing for a few minutes in the airport prior to us flying home to MN. Lots of hugs & kisses were exchanged and then we were off! Parker just loves it when Daddy puts him on top of his shoulders so that he can see the world! Parker will start to laugh so hard...and I mean the deep, from your belly laugh! I love that sound...

It was so much fun getting to see so many of our relatives and friends these past couple of days! Clay and I are so glad we made the trip down! It's always special to be able to do that. We love ya'll and miss you already! Can't wait till next time!

Things I won't forget about this trip: seeing soo many of our friends that we haven't seen in awhile, Rassie's chicken salad sandwiches, Storytime between Parker & Rassie, dessert at Granny's, lunch with family at Orleans Coffee Shop & Bakery, chilled (but not cold) weather, Taylor snuggling Parker, playtime for Parker & Case, Grocery Shopping at Grocery Basket, blowing kisses and "the winner", Parker and Thomas the Train, meeting Rassie's students at Kirk, Parker taking 3 steps totally by himself, and Clay getting to hang out with his cousin Collin and Uncle Butch! Thank you guys all so much for a fantastic time! We love you!


valerie said...

Carrie, your blog is so much fun to read! Thanks for giving us these wonderful "peak shows" into your lives! I love them!

Terry said...

This will be my fourth try on sending a comment!
LOVE THE BLOG! What a wonderful time we had when ya'll came and seeing the pics and reading your comments brought back fun memories! You have such a gift with words!
The only complaint I have is with that picture of me at the airport! That cannot be me! DO YOU HEAR ME?! That is some other woman with a roll of fat under her chin! A diet and exercise is definitely in order for this girl!

You give my little sunshine boy a big hug and kiss and tell him Rassie loves him to the moon and back!