Tuesday, February 3, 2009

little boy in blue

This is our little boy in blue! :) (thank you for the warm jacket Rassie!) Yesterday, he clapped his hands for us for the first time...and once he started he didn't want to stop!!! Within the last 2-3 weeks he started blowing kisses and doing "the winner!" Clay & I can't believe how fast he is learning and picking things up!

He took his first 3 steps by himself when we were in MS and Friday he took 5 steps by himself in the middle of our living room floor! Since then, each day he has continued to experiment with walking without us...it's in little bits though...when he decides he can get somewhere faster by crawling or using a piece of furniture :) he drops down on all fours or grabs the table, couch or wall! Rarely, do we see him take more than a couple of steps by himself at a time. We know it'll come soon enough though, so we're not wishing time away for him or for us!

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