Saturday, February 7, 2009

right now

Right now...

-I am hoping that Parker is going to fall asleep soon!
-Excited about Clay coming home tomorrow night
-Thinking about 2 very important things I have to do next week & how excited I'll be when they are done
-enjoying munching on 2 homemade chocolate chip cookies...thank you for the idea Aunt Cindy!
-glad I organized all of my greeting/note cards last night
-LOVING the beautiful weather we are having here today! I took Parker on a 3 minute stroll earlier (first stroll of the winter)...ok, so it's still COLD but not "in the negatives" cold!
-wanting to finish up our Australia album this weekend; I'm oh so close!!!
-thinking I'm going to organize my dresser drawers again tonight...I can't tell you the joy I get from seeing my things neatly rolled and in their place!
-hoping that each of you are having a wonderful and happy Saturday!

...and with that my precious boy is now snoring away in baby dreamland...time for some hot English tea for mama while the babe sleeps...

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