Friday, February 27, 2009


What: Conversation between Carrie & Clay on the way home from the mall on Thursday.
Situation: In a 4 hour period we had had about 4-6 inches of snow dumped on us while in the mall; now, the roads were horrible and cars were ending up in medians and on the sides of the roads. It only took us 45 minutes to get home...on a noraml day it's 15.

Let me preface this by explaining to those of you who don't know my husband that well...he loves cars/trucks and weather...and he knows A LOT about both subjects. He will get so excited talking about both! I don't know how he fits all this stuff in his brain but somehow he does. And on days like Thursday when I am worn out from shopping and trying on clothes :) I have learned it's best just to sit there, smile, listen and pretend that I have a clue as to what he is talking about.

We get in the car in the parking garage to start heading home and we're just sitting there not moving. Parker is looking at both mama & daddy...content but wondering what's going on.

Carrie: What are you doing baby?
Clay: Letting the defroster warm before driving in the's almost to normal operating range.
Carrie: Ok Baby.

(We drive out of the parking garage.)

Clay: Wow! It has really been coming down out here since we went inside. Look at how bad the roads are. See the traffic backed up on our exit.
Carrie: Yeahhh, I see what you mean.
Clay: Man, we need Troublemaker (Clay's 1995 Ford Pickup) right now.

Silence for about 30 seconds.

Clay: I saw a truck that I really like back when we were in Houston; it was a Ford F150...(he said some other things about it here to describe it but I didn't get it all down or either didn't understand it.) I should've taken a picture of it.
Carrie: Yeah, wish you had taken a picture of it for me to see; you know I am a visual person especially when it comes to cars.
Clay: (in a slightly excited tone) The Subaru (sp?) Impressa would be a good one in the snow. It has a horozontally opposed 4 cylinder....(once again, there were other things here that I couldn't remember to write down or didn't understand)

Carrie: That's good bab...(interruption)
Clay: (This time with an even more excited tone)
Wow! There must ice under ths snow...Oh! Look at that moron up against the railing over there; he's pressing his gas and just scraping his car all up! Clay then went on to describe what I should do if I was ever in that situation...
If people knew how to drive, it wouldn't be a problem, ya know?

Carrie: Uh huh... (as I'm leaning out the car to take more pictures...there were at this time about 7 cars off the roads, a cop had appeared he was also stuck...and was laughing as he walked towards the people stuck in the cars.)

Sleep Number bed commercial comes on the radio...

Clay: I'm a 55.

Clay is unaware that Carrie looks over him with a grin...Clay continues to be amazed by the idiots driving on the road.

Clay: Why do people keep pulling out in front of me? I wish I had my truck.
Clay: Aww, poor lttle beetle bug got stuck in the snow...What are you writing?
Carrie: Nothing baby
Clay: Let's break out Troublemaker & go for a ride when we get home...What are you writing?
Carrie: My grocery list
Clay with a sort of grin: Bull! He then slurps his Diet Coke from lunch.
As he points to the road up ahead to show me a little truck...This little truck is horrible in the snow; the back end is so light they don't have any traction.

(After this he went on to describe in more specific details why the truck wasn't good for these weather conditions. I listened..sort of :)

I will end the conversation here because we pulled into the grocery store shortly after that and then we went home! We had a fun afternoon together and I'm glad I started to record this particular conversation because it makes my happy and makes me laugh inside when I see Clay get excited (although he says he's not) about little things like when we get snow and when he's describing vehicles to me. It's so cute. :)

I love you baby!

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valerie said...

ROTFL!! Carrie - have you "missed" your calling? Your mom and both of her sisters would love nothing more than to WRITE! And just LOOK at YOU!!! GirlFRIEND - you have yet ANOTHER talent among many!! Love your blogs!! Keep 'em coming!