Monday, February 2, 2009

creative girlfriends...

Time to brag on my creative MS girls!!! This last week, when I went to Grenada for a visit I was able to see my long-time girlfriends Natalie & Ashley. (Terra was in Nashville so we missed her!!!) The four of us have been friends since cheerios and barbie dolls were the best things ever made...we have remained the best of friends through the years. Though we are all different in our own ways, there are a lot of of these being our creative outlets. We each have our own little way of expensing our creative energy! As most people know, I love photography, scrapbooking and organizing.

Natalie has always had a passion for painting; she has dabbled with it for years and has really made some neat paintings. Over time, by word of mouth, when people would see the paintings in her home, they would ask her to paint one for them too and so forth. Here is one of her latest that fashions precious Case's (her little boy) room! She can paint just about anything, but has a real knack for paintings for children's rooms and still objects such as fruits, flowers, etc.

Natalie has a blog to showcase some of her paintings:

Ashley, attorney by day, creative artist by night...has always had an eye for art. She won quite a few local art contests when we were in elementary and junior high; we always knew she would either be President of the U.S. one day or an art teacher! :) She has a knack for uniqueness; if you take one step in her & her husband's home, you'll see what I mean. To sum up her style...a southern rugged vintage...I get inspired every time I step foot in her door! Here are some of her latest creations...she made her own pillowcases and then crafted these adorable pins to attach to the fabric! I love it!

We've always tagged Terra as the "little Miss Martha Stewart" who has an eye for decorating (furniture, name it!) and organizing her space with a comfortable, simple but BEAUTIFUL look! I will never forget one of the summer's when we were home from school and the many projects she took on! She would find old pieces of furniture to refinish and paint in vibrant colors; they of course, all turned out so pretty! Here is one of her creations!

These girlfriends inspire me in so many ways, and I LOVE how we each have our own little niche of creativity. The picture at the top is of the 4 of us at Terra's Bachelorette Weekend in Nashville, TN back in October of 2008. How fun! I love you girls!

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